Yolanda Frost Photography | An Exciting Jeep Safari - Marwari Horses, Pipar Village, Wild Life and Block Printing

An Exciting Jeep Safari - Marwari Horses, Pipar Village, Wild Life and Block Printing

August 22, 2016  •  1 Comment

After we dropped our things off, our jeep safari arrived and soon we were bounding out to the Marwar Villages where they breed the Marwari Horses.

Below are photos of the incredible Marwari Horses. These horses are native to this region of India and they are known for their hardiness. A unique feature of these horses are their inward-turning ear tips. They are originally a descendant of native Indian ponies crossed with Arabian horses and they display exceptional loyalty and bravery in battle. Traditionally they were used as cavalry horses before being used for draft work and hauling. I believe there are very strict exporting guidelines and they are not often seen in other countries.

The breeders are very proud of their horses and they are kept very well and the stables are clean. They prepare food for the horses here as well and their life revolves around the horse stud, accommodations are on site so they are never far away.

Quick stop for some Diesel and then we were on our way again. 

We were lucky enough to see some Indian Blue Antelope and the Indian Black Buck. Grab shots from the jeep!

We were fortunate to observe some block printing in Pipar. India has a centuries old tradition of using natural dyes for printing application. All the indigo dye is made here and is one of the oldest dyes to be used for textile dyeing and printing. All the block printing is done by hand by extremely skilled craftsmen. Cloth is dried outside in the sun and then rolled and sent to the various buyers.

We passed through the tiny villages stopping as many times as we could to take in the amazing culture and welcoming smiles and hospitality of the locals.

Wonderful atmosphere in the air as the day closes and the sun is low in the sky with lots of attention from especially the children in the villages.

After a brief visit to one of a temple high on a hill to enjoy the sunset, we headed back stopping once more to observe a very kind man who started his clay turning wheel up again after working all day to show us how he makes his various items, in this case a piggy bank.

And finally we are on our way to the Pushkar Camel Fair!

PS: Delhi Belli is a thing...


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