Yolanda Frost Photography | Dressing for Headshots


If you are looking for an authentic headshot your session can take about an hour. During your session we will take a bit of time to discuss the specific look that you want to achieve and where the images will be used so that I can get a good idea of the variety needed.

What to wear:

It is important to dress in the way that you feel will best represent your Company and the image you want to portray. For instance for a formal business portrait, dress as if you were making a presentation or seeing a very important client.

You are always welcome to bring along other outfits in case you also need some more casual but smart images for website images or use on Social Media where you would like to show a more relaxed side.

For men a solid dark suit that fits really well with a lighter coloured shirt and a dark tie works well. Darker shades generally work best, but not necessarily black. Navy, dark grey, dark browns or deep greens are best. Take your eye colour into consideration as well and discuss the colour of your suit and the type of background you envisage with me so that we can co-ordinate this beforehand. Men sometimes prefer a no-jacket casual look. For this type of shot, bring solid coloured long sleeve shirts, ironed and on a hanger. Please make sure shirts are comfortable as I will be posing you and need you to be able to stretch forward, cross arms etc. You can then change just before your session.

Women look very professional in a tailored suit and light blouse. Make sure your blouse sleeves are not too tight, you should be able to cross your arms comfortably. Typically the shots are from the waist up, but if you want to consider having a full length as well, make sure trousers, skirts and shoes are well matched and darker or in same colour tone as your top.Avoid white trousers or a very contrasting colour from the top - usually darker is better. Low necklines are best avoided. Make sure you are wearing suitable jewellery and nail varnish that goes with the look you are trying to create. 

If we are photographing your staff team, it is very important to brief them long in advance as to what you would like them to wear for their headshots. Remember if your staff wear uniform to make sure that they all have the uniform or that you have spare jackets or shirts available on the day in case someone has forgotten. 

Things to Avoid:

Steer clear of stripes, flowers, plaids, checks, and any other prints and patterns that will detract from your headshot. If possible do not wear any flesh coloured clothes or yellow, no bright white or peach. Also be careful of light grey suits etc as it can make skin look washed out.

For the ladies, avoid wearing shirts with no sleeves or blouses with batwing sleeves, especially if it is for a head and shoulder shots. Also, avoid long necklaces with the pendant below the breast line as it will very likely get cropped off and look odd. Stick to classic and elegant styles unless you are an artist and you want to introduce certain eccentric elements to your portrait. We will discuss this beforehand anyway.

On the day:

If you tend to get cold easily, make sure to bring a warm coat/jacket in case we are outside. Always bring along plenty of tissues and ladies make sure hair is secured with a bit of hair spray. If you wear glasses, make sure they are spotless and bring along a lens cleaning cloth for any accidental smudges.

Please see more information on make-up and clothing on information page.