Yolanda Frost Photography | Clothing Tips & Information


Before your shoot, you will have a colour/style consultation by phone if necessary.


It is important not to use more than 2 (maximum 3) colours, and preferably analogous colours that go well together. Most of all it is important that everyone feels comfortable and confident with their choice of clothing and that it enhances our best features and equally hide areas we don't want to be prominent, for example sleeves on tops or darker trousers are good examples of how we can draw attention to our strengths and disguise other areas. It is also important to steer clear of stripes, prints, flowers, spots etc. and stick to block colours as far as possible. Please try not to wear pure white if you are having your shoot in the all white studio as it disappears on the background. It usually works well to add the colour to tops and wear either jeans or darker trousers or skirts rather than the other way round. Dresses are great too if the ladies prefer. Ladies, please be mindful of low necklines when coming for family shoots as it is sometimes necessary to lay on the floor facing the camera directly.

If you are having a Cover Girl or Beauty Shoot, then please be mindful of bra straps ladies. Sometimes it is nice to get a few close-up shots with bare shoulders and for that it is best to wear a strapless bra and a top with light straps that can be easily pulled down over the shoulders.

For children, especially little girls, bright colours and flowers etc. are fine!! For boys, try to avoid character T-shirts, but if they can absolutely not do without, bring another option with so we can change during the session. Remember to bring some wet wipes if you have small children just to give the faces (and noses) a little once over before we start shooting.


For the ladies, wear make-up that is matt if possible to avoid any glare from the lights as they do get quite hot and it is natural for shine to appear on the forehead, nose and chin. Wear slightly heavier make-up on eyes and lips than you would normally as this will make your images pop. Bring along a few of your own makeup items if you wish. VERY IMPORTANT - moisturise lips and make sure they are smooth. Bring a favourite lipstick/gloss and lip salf on the day!

Please avoid illuminating powders and foundations, in fact you need very little foundation as it saves time when I do the skin work during editing. I have seen images of celebrities where they look white in the areas where illuminator has been applied due to 'flashback'.


If you are having a Personal Branding or Makeover Shoot, please wash hair the day before your shoot and use some anti-frizz products if you need to which helps to calm the hair down for the Makeup Artist.


If you have any special jewellery, do keep this in mind. Pieces with special meaning often adds to a family portrait, though not essential, just something to think of when putting your outfits together. Remember the feet and toe nail colour if you want to have some fun images done barefoot. Matching or clear nail varnish for the ladies. Please feel free to text me any time with pictures or queries about your outfits/colours, I would be more than happy to help.          (07780 785511)

Props and themes:

You are more than welcome to bring along a child's favourite toy or an item that is special to you or that you would like to be incorporated in your images. For styled shoots we would discuss theme and colour and props/background in advance and it will form a big part of the look of your photos.

Have any Hobbies, play any instruments, a dancer perhaps? Bring along anything that you feel will help me capture you fully. 

For shorter studio sessions with children I might introduce balloons or confetti if I feel it will help in making little ones forget about the camera, but generally I keep things simple and concentrate on expression and the family relationship.

Style of Images:

Please have a think before your session as to the style of pictures you like. For instance, do you like black and white? Do you prefer colour? Are you after formal or informal photographs? Is there a specific need for a certain type of portrait, either for your home or for friends and family? Are you looking for images for a specific room and therefore have to consider colour tones and backdrop?

If you see images that you absolutely love, please forward it so that I can get a feel for the type of style you like. I will be more than happy to try and re-create a certain pose for you, time permitting, on the day. I will usually prepare a shot list for the day so that we can get the best combinations possible, but if there is some time/energy left after we have the main ones, I would be happy to do other images you have in mind as well.

How does Payment work

Your session fee is due at the time of booking your session. Payment can be made by bank transfer or cheques can be made payable to Yolanda Frost Photography. Three month and six month payment plans are available and products will be delivered when the last payment has been made. If you have booked a studio session with me I am not able to refund your session fee for a cancellation as I pay the studio up front, but I am able to reschedule for a smaller additional fee which means you will still get to have your session at another date.

Please don't worry about anything, and do feel free to email or phone me with any queries you may have about your upcoming session.